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FD-258 Hard Card Fingerprinting

FD-258 Hard Card Fingerprinting

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Often, professionals living in Florida need their fingerprints sent to other state agencies outside of Florida for license processing. The reasoning is that very few livescan systems have reciprocity from state to state. The standard card used in this scenario is the FD-258 card. We offer this service to the customer on a mobile basis, no matter the number of cards or people needing fingerprints.


If you are applying for a new license that requires “hard card” fingerprinting, give us a call. We are offering this service on a mobile basis to professionals in need. This includes Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and all the surrounding areas.


Click this link for an application.


🔗FD-258 Hard Card Fingerprinting Application


If you need help with this type of service contact us today! 

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