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Mobile Fingerprinting In South Florida

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Florida’s #1 Mobile Digital Livescan Fingerprinting Service

The First Mobile Fingerprinting Company in Florida Approved by the FDLE and FBI

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What Is Electronic or Digital Livescan Fingerprinting?

Our fingerprinting process is through a Livescan machine rather than ink rolled on a card. The fingerprints are submitted to the specific state agency in order to process your level 2 background check.

We Service

   Individuals, Large & Small Groups

   Health Care Facilities

   Nursing Homes


   Rehab Centers

   Home Care Agencies

   Hospice Companies

   Transportation Companies


   Day Care Centers



   Law Offices

   And Most Public Agencies

Service Area Locations

Fort Lauderdale Mobile Fingerprinting Services
Miami Mobile Fingerprinting Services
West Palm Beach Mobile Fingerprinting Services
Orlando Mobile Fingerprints
Tampa Mobile Fingerprinting Services
Jacksonville Mobile Fingerprinting Services
Flagler Mobile Fingerprinting Services
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Florida’s #1 Digital Fingerprinting Service

Authorized Livescan Provider For FDLE Level 2 Background Checks

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Florida Medicaid Enrollment (EAHCA013z)

Mobile Fingerprinting LLC has been providing mobile Livescan for Medicaid providers for the better part of a decade. We have carved out a niche in the space due to thousands of individual appointments in cities all over Florida. In the state of Florida, AHCA (aka the clearinghouse) oversees the regulation and licensing of Health care entities.

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